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How to use Female Condom?

Instruction for use
Open End (Outer Ring)
Closed End (Inner Ring)
The open covers the area around the opening of the vagina. The inner right is used for insertion, and to help hold the condom in place.
Hold the sheath
  • Hold inner ring between thumb and middle finger.
  • Squeeze.
  • Insert the inner right the vagina.

How to insert the condom

Insert the sheath as far as it will go. It's in the right place when you can't feel it. Don't worry it can't go too far, and IT WON'T HURT!

Make sure the placement is correct
  • Make sure the sheath is not twisted. The outer ring should be outside the vagina.


  • Remove before standing up. Squeezed and twist the outer ring. Pull out gently being careful not to spill semen. Throw it in the garbage, not in toilet.
  • Use condoms only once.

Benefits of Female Condom

  • Opportunity for women to share the responsibility for the condoms with their partners
  • A woman may be able to use the female condom if her partner refuses to use the male condom
  • The female condom will protect against most STDs and pregnancy if used correctly
  • The FC or FC2 female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse so as not to interfere with the moment
The FC and FC2 female condoms are made of polyurethane and nitrile, which are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than latex. These materials can be used with oil-based as well as water-based lubricants. No special storage requirements are needed because polyurethane and nitrile are not affected by changes in temperature and dampness. In addition, these materials are thin and conduct heat well, so sensation is preserved.
Disadvantages of Female Condom
  • The outer ring or frame is visible outside the vagina, which can make some women feel self-conscious
  • The FC and FC2 female condoms can make noises during intercourse (adding more lubricant can lessen this problem)
  • Some women find the female condom hard to insert and to remove
  • It has a higher failure rate in preventing pregnancy than non-barrier methods such as the pill
  • It is relatively expensive and relatively limited in availability in some countries
  • It is recommended that the female condom be used only once

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Son Is The Best For His Mom

Hi friend I am new for this site. I never post any stories here. But I read los of stories from 2008. I am 22 year old boy, live in Kolkata. My name is Mithun Banerjee. My father is Govt. service holder now stay at Delhi for his job. My mother is a sweet housewife. Father age is now 44. Mom age is 41. Before marriage my father was very poor. My father marries my mother due to his job. My mother is not looking good.
She is dark color and fatty. Now come to main story. Father transfer Delhi 4 years ago. From then mom and I live Kolkata. I have aunty mom’s sister who take care us, sometimes she comes to our house or over phone. One day when I came back from collage mom speaking with aunty over phone. Mom was crying. I reach mom room and follow her speak what she tell to aunty. Mom telling about their relation to aunty.
Dad never behaves well with mom etc. Hearing this I felt very upset is dad does this with mom, how it is possible. After a while I knock the door mom fully off from crying and open the door. After freshness mom give me food and we speak normal thing. I like matured lady with big boob large ass always follow big ass lady when walking on the street. This is my fantasy. But never think about my mom.
After mom and aunt conversation my mind fully changed how I satisfy my mom. Dad not a good man he treat my mom as a servant. Thinking this my mind grow incest. My mom color is dark but figure is so good. One night I bring mom bra and measurement it. Mom bra size is 40. Big size and panty size is 36. Seeing this I fully aroused what a figure. But mom butt also very big.

From then how I convince mom thinking every day. In the mean time I was purchase a form from railway book stall there I found some adult stories book I purchase it. In midnight I open it and found lots of mom son fucking stories. Out of that one stories like my story “kalo mayer valo cele” same as mine. After reading this story I masturbate three times.
My cock size is 7 inch long. But I am unable to find way how I convince mom. After a few days I put that book on my table and go out for evening. When I came back home at 9 pm. There is no change. But after dinner I am sitting for reading mom come to my room. I asked mom you not sleep. Mom said no I have some conversation with you. I asked about what.
My mind is throbbing. Mom said what you are doing now a day. I said nothing only prepare for exam. Mom said doesn't forget I am your mother. I said what mom. Mom said I saw a book today here in your table why you purchase this type of book it’s broke your life. I said sorry mom this not mine Amit my friend give me this book. Mom said its ok you refund this to him and broke friendship with him.
I said ok mom. Mom said it spoil your life. I said no mom I am growing man. Mom said no baby you are my only way for alive so please do not do this again. I said mom you read this book. Mom no responds. I asked mom is it really happened. Mom said no it ever happen some perverted person like it. I said so you read it. Mom become angry and said you are very bad manner talk with elder without any sense.
I said sorry mom. Mom said ok. After few minute mom said ok now sleep I am going to sleep. I said mom please wait more few minute I have some mom said what some. I said I here conversation with aunty about you and dad. Mom said what. I said you know what. Why dad transfer Delhi. The relation between you and dad is not sound. Mom said no need to know.
I said ma please why dad do this. Ma said you don’t know, because I am dark color and he is good looking for this. Mom began cry. I said ok mom please forgive me for hearting you. Mom is crying without sound. I said ma I will speak with dad. Mom said no need I am well without him. Mom said you sleep no need thinking about me. Mom goes her room I am sitting on chair for an hour.
Mom come back again and said you still sitting here why you not off your light and goes to bed. I said mom there is no sleep in my eye. Mom asked why. I said I don’t know. Mom said please you not spoil your life thinking about us. I said mom if I get a job we leave dad and we go another place. Mom said why. I said I will punish dad by this. Mom is laughing.
Ma comes here further why I thinking in my mind can I approach her. Mom said what you are thinking. I said nothing. Mom said no something in your mind. I said mom if you don’t angry can I say something. Mom said why I become angry you tell. I said mom if you agree like that stories “kalo mayer valo cele” Then we teach dad you not finished. Mom hearing this she shouted how you dare say that.
I said sorry mom please forgives me. Mom you are thinking this. I said yes mom. Moms slap on my cheek and leave my room. I am crying why I tell mom what I do know how I show my face to mom. After few minute I bring a rope from stair room and think I will hang on ceiling fan. When I close the door and light off mom knock the door. Mithun open the door. I said no you go I will sleep.
Mom said no you open the door. Please open the door. When I open the door mom come to my room and take the rope and asked what is this, hug me and said please baba you don’t do this how I alive without you. I am sorry baba. I began cry. Mom said you know what you want it is sin. No mother and son could do this. I said ok leave it I am not pressuring you.
Mom said why you bring this rope. I said I will finish myself. Mom said no baba please don’t do this. I said ok you leave me now. Moms are standing near me. I sat on bed. Mom said please baba forgive me. I said ok no problem you now go. I will sleep. Mom said how I agree you are my own son. I said Amit my friend he also do this with his mom, his mother a widow they both mom and son are very happy.
Mom said you really want me. I said of course. Mom said you ok come on son your mom ready for you. I hug mom within a second and kiss on her lips. Mom also kisses on my lips. I open mom shree with kissing her lips. Mom said road side windows are open please close somebody may see us. I close the windows and hug mom again now mom only on blouse and petticoat.
What a boob I hold with two hand and press tightly. Mom are moaning and said ahh. I unhook mom blouse, mom wearing also bra. What size mom. Mom said too big you like it. I said yes mom I like big boob. Mom said please open bra it hearting me. I unhook moms bra. Now mom lovely boob open to me I began sucking it. What a nipple like a dead.
I suck and squeezing mom boobs softly. Mom become mad, and holds my cock in my shorts. I unhook mom petticoat. Mom is not wearing any panty and shaved pussy. What a scene I have ever seen. I finger my middle finger it is fully wet. Mom said you see your mother full nude but I can’t see anything. I said ok mom you open my short. Mom down my short and my 7 inch cock come out from my short.
Seeing my cock mom said what a size. I asked mom its ok for you. Mom said very big bigger than your dad. I said come on mom now we fuck. Mom hugs me and said yes son your mom so hungry please fulfill your mom pussy. We both ride on bed and mom sleep on bed spreading her leg and call me come on. I sat between her two leg and put into her pussy and press it enter into mom pussy.
Mom said ah after a long time I get it. I asked mom how you feel. Mom said I never describe how I feel only pleasure and pleasure, please fuck me harder please fuck me harder. I said ok mom ah mom its very pleasure it make me heaven mom. Next in Bengali ma kemon lagse balona. Ma ballo baba emon such ami er age paini please jore jore chod tor make chude chude gud fatiyee de baba.
Ah ki aram lagse baba de de jore jore de aaaaaaaaah eto such dibi ami bhabini baba de de aro jore de oh ki je such bole bojhate parbona baba. Ma amar dhoner size thik acheto ma. Ma ballo ha re sona amar navi porjonto dhuke gachee baba. Ami bollam ma baba tomai keno chode na bujhte parinia tumi ato sexy tarporo baba tomai chode na ma ballo or chai kochi mall forsa kalo or ekdom pasondo hi na.
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